• The Rouvinez family’s commitments

    Biodiversity and durable development

The Rouvinez family has established itself as pioneer in the adaption of the strictest norms in viticulture and viniculture, from the vine to the glass.
Behind the labels, a true commitment to each and every step of the production is applied. From the respect for the soil to the respect for their employees!

Without compromise.

Biodiversity and sustainable development as leitmotif

A permanent commitment to the environment and thus ensuring respect for biodiversity.

The Rouvinez family was pioneering in integrated production, its goal being to reduce the use of chemicals to a strict minimum. So from the 1980s, it adopted its own vine growing techniques: abandoning the use of root herbicides and introducing a micro-irrigation system for watering its vines.By regularly repairing the dry stone walls and the planting of a flora adapted to its domains, the family participates in the preservation of the estate and the abundance of biodiversity.

Each year it converts more of its vineyards to organic production.

1500000 kWh

The annual production of our solar panels

1000050 kg

Total amount of reduced CO2 emissions every year

Investment in sustainable development

In 2012, the Rouvinez family was the first to obtain the ‘Silver Swiss Climate’ label. Moreover, it participates in ‘Valais Excellence’, a citizen initiative for the Valais region and its inhabitants. It is also ISO 9001 (quality label) and ISO 14001 (environment label) certified and obtains the Vinatura label every year. Furthermore the Rouvinez family is a signatory to the ‘Charte Grain Noble ConfidenCiel’, producing world class sweet wines according to very strict rules.

The members of the Rouvinez family are personally committed to various organisations at the service of Swiss viticulture: Frédéric Rouvinez is board member of the Interprofession de la Vigne et le Vin (IVV – branch organisation to protect the overall interests of the Valais winegrowing industry) and representative of the Société des Encaveurs de Vins du Valais (SEVV – association of vintners of Valais wines). The IVV aims at defending the general interests of the winegrowing industry in the Canton of Valais. The SEVV is a professional organisation founded as an association with the aim of defending the interests regarding the cellaring and trading of Valais wine. Philippe Rouvinez for his part is president of the Observatoire Suisse du Marché des Vins (OSMV – national competence centre for wineproducing businesses), one of the main discussion panels of the wineproducing industry. He also serves on the committee of the Société des Encaveurs de Vins Suisse (SEVS – association of Swiss winemakers) and the Association Suisse du Commerce de Vins (ASCV – Swiss association of wine traders).

The Rouvinez family also invests in renewable energies. Since 2013, its production centre in Martigny has been totally autonomous with regard to energy thanks to the installation of one of the biggest solar panel systems in Switzerland on its roof. With an annual production in excess of 1.5 million KWh, this solar plant produces electricity equivalent to the consumption of 400 households.

The ISO 9001 standard is based on a certain number of quality management principles, notably a strong customer orientated policy, motivation and the engagement of the direction, the use of processes and continuing improvement.

The ISO 14001 deals with the various aspects of environmental management. It provides practical tools to companies and organizations who want to identify and master their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance.

The ISO site

The label VINATURA was created to select and reward the best Swiss wines produced according to rigorous criteria, notably character, authenticity, quality, know-how, tradition and respect for the environment. It is awarded annually by Vitiswiss, the Swiss federation for ecological production in winemaking

The Vinatura site

The Label Valais Excellence has been created to distinguish Valais companies who, whilst being the most competitive and human in their attitude, are attentive to their social and environmental role and aim for constant improvement in their products and services.
A management commitment to quality and the respect of mankind and the environment.

The Valais Excellence site