• The Rouvinez family’s commitments

    Biodiversity and durable development

The Rouvinez family has established itself as pioneer in the adaption of the strictest norms in viticulture and viniculture, from the vine to the glass.
Behind the labels, a true commitment to each and every step of the production is applied. From the respect for the soil to the respect for their employees!

Without compromise.

Biodiversity and sustainable development as leitmotif

A permanent commitment to the environment and thus ensuring respect for biodiversity.

The Rouvinez family was pioneering in integrated production, its goal being to reduce the use of chemicals to a strict minimum. So from the 1980s, it adopted its own vine growing techniques: abandoning the use of root herbicides and introducing a micro-irrigation system for watering its vines.By regularly repairing the dry stone walls and the planting of a flora adapted to its domains, the family participates in the preservation of the estate and the abundance of biodiversity.

Each year it converts more of its vineyards to organic production.

1500000 kWh

The annual production of our solar panels

1000050 kg

Total amount of reduced CO2 emissions every year