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    Bonvin 1858, Rouvinez Estates, Imesch Cellars and the Orsat Cellars.

Family Spirit

From 1858 up to the present, from the arrival of the railway to the era of social networks, one thing has remained unchanged: The success linking the four Rouvinez estates. Family Spirit.

This force allowed for the development of Charles Bonvin and his descendants, the quality of their wines having been acknowledged in the 1862 Universal Exhibition in London and then in 1868 in Paris.

It was this same force that ran through the veins of Alphonse Orsat and his family in 1874 when they united all the region’s winemakers with the aim of producing the best possible wine from the Martigny region.

And what can one say about the dynasty founded by Léopold Imesch and his wife, Marie of Chastonay in Sierre in 1898, without doubt preceding that of the spirit of Bernard Rouvinez and his wife who from 1947, from their side, set off to begin a new page in the great family history of Valais wine.

The family spirit equally rallies together the members of the Rouvinez family. Founders and inheritors of the estates and lands are amongst the most prestigious in the Valais, they gave themselves the task of honouring the memory and vision of their predecessors, unceasingly increasing the already high quality of the Valais wines and the winemakers.

Today they continue their quest for oenological excellence, always selecting the best grapes from their best soils. The Bonvin “Cuvée 1858” and the “Coeur de Domaines” of the Rouvinez Estates are their most recent progressions already having gained world recognition by winning international awards judged by great wine experts.

The specialities as well as the great classics all benefit from the vast experience of the Rouvinez family. Thanks to the perfect harmony between the vines and the soil, the Rouvinez, Syrah Crêta-Plan the 1858 Bonvin Brûlefer and the Imesch Humagne Rouge Soleil d’Or have reached their aromatic quintessence and attained numerous awards.

In order to offer an assortment to suit everyone’s requirements, the Rouvinez family equally proposes wines from the best harvests of independent Valais winemakers. The Orsat range of wines also proposes very pleasant good quality wines at competitive prices without compromising the quality as they are distilled into wine with the same care and attention as the rest of the production.

  • 1858

    Foundation of the Charles Bonvin Cellars

  • 1874

    Foundation of the Orsat Cellars

  • 1898

    Foundation of the Imesch Cellars

  • 1947

    Foundation of the Rouvinez Cellars

  • 1998

    The Orsat Cellars joins the Rouvinez estate

  • 2003

    The Rouvinez estate joins the Imesch Cellars

  • 2009

    The Bonvin estate unites with the Rouvinez estate

Exceptional Estates

The Rouvinez Estates

Founded in 1947, the Rouvinez Estates are today one of the jewels of Valais viticulture. The Rouvinez Estates have, by their innovative approach, revolutionized wine growing and wine making as much by the way wine is grown as by the blending of various wines and their storing in casks and oak barrels and the aging of wine at high altitudes.

Key words : Opening out to the world, looking for the best practices in the use of crops and growing methods. Passion for excellence by curiosity whilst respecting the soil and mankind.

Imesch - Vins Sierre


Founded in 1898, Imesch is intimately related to Sierre, the city of the sun. Although Leopold Imesch, its founder was actually from an Upper-Valais family, he chose to live in Sierre because of the quality of its soil and the typical climate in the centre of the Valais. Through generations the company has developed substantially, exploiting the well-exposed vineyards on the right hand side of the Rhone. The vineyards are comprised of old vines, some of which are over fifty years old. The company merged with Rouvinez in 2003.

Key words: noble vines, soil, warmth, closeness

Caves Orsat

Orsat Cellars

Founded in 1874 by Alphonse Orsat in Martigny, the Orsat cellars work in close collaboration with the local Valais winegrowers and offer a co-operative structure credited with human and social values. Orsat has put its mark on a considerable part of the Valais through its vines and wine for nearly 150 years. Furthermore it has played a major role in the improved quality of viticulture around the old Roman capital ‘Octodure’ on the mythical Saint-Bernard axis.

If the notoriety of ‘Fendant 13 Etoiles’, ‘Dôle Romaine’ and ‘Pinot Noir Römerblut’ have been established for over a century, they have been joined since 1988 by the prestigious ‘Primus Classicus’ range. This range comprises wines from a meticulous selection of the best plots of land and vines.

Orsat Cellars were integrated into the Rouvinez family in 1988.

Key words: Social responsibility, engagement, partnership and rigour.

Bonvin - Les Domaines 1858

Bonvin 1858

Bonvin 1858 is the oldest producer of Valais wine. Although this establishment was not officially founded until the mid-19th century whilst the railway had not yet reached the Valais, its history goes back much further. Already in 1806, Carolus Bonvin, the founder’s grandfather, travelled around the Bordelaise region in order to familiarize himself with the latest growing methods and to bring back and introduce these vine plants to the Valais. Thus Carolus and his descendants were the precursors to this profession and are famous today throughout the canton. In the 1862 international exhibition in London, then in 1867 in Paris the Bonvin wines collected their first medals, followed by the vineyard estates located on the nicest land overlooking the Rhone around Sion: Plan Loggier, Château-Conthey, Brûlefer and Clos du Château. These are some of the exceptional vineyards that have given their names to wines that have become legendary. Owner of Bonvin 1858 since 2009, the Rouvinez family preserves the estate’s heritage whilst taking it forward through the 21st century.

Key words:  “Timeless and close to people”. Tradition, know-how, craftsmanship.