terroirs and characters

  • Through its various enterprises, the Rouvinez family owns and cultivates some 120 hectares of the finest vineyards in the Canton of Valais in total, 15 of which are cultivated entirely according to organic standards. It also takes care of 24 privately owned vineyards between Loèche and Martigny focussing on growing the best grape varieties with the greatest care, as part of a long-term collaboration.

Permanent innovation is essential in the vineyards, so the Rouvinez family never hesitates to systematically replant their vineyards to find the ideal balance between vines and soil.

Each new plot of land is thoroughly examined for its pedological characteristics and then looked after with great care in order to cultivate excellent grapes. It may sometimes take several years before the vines reach full maturity. Time that the Rouvinez family is willing to wait to obtain best quality grapes.

Each vineyard has its own specific character, its own history and its own soil. This is reflected in the typical traits of the wines produced there.
The Domaine Château Lichten in Loèche ranks among the family’s finest vineyards with its majestic terraces overlooking the Bois de Finges nature reserve. The same applies for the vineyards on the Colline de Géronde in Sierre, in Montibeau, Ravanay and Ardévaz, located in the best positions between Leytron and Chamoson. In Sion, the family owns several gems of land such as the Clos du Château and the Domaine Brûlefer, part of the Domaines Bonvin, as well as a new treasure since 2013: the vineyards of the Domaine de Diolly.

Famille Rouvinez