• Chop up a pumpkin into pieces of some centimetres in size, clean it out, peel it
    • Keep the pumpkin seeds
    • Put the pieces into a pressure cooker, add one onion and two coarsely cut garlic cloves
    • Cook for 5 to 7 minutes
    • Mix with the cooking water
    • Season with salt, pepper and chilli
    • Stir-fry the pumpkin seeds quickly in a frying pan
    • Cut bread into small pieces, heat them up in olive oil and pressed garlic
    • Cut some chives up finely
    • Spread the pumpkin seeds, the croutons and the chives over the soup just before serving

    Véronique suggests accompanying this light starter before a venison main course by a Pinot Noir de Sierre. The grapes for this wine come from selected vineyards in the Sierre region, whose chalky soil influences this delicate, divine and noble grape variety particularly well.

Famille Rouvinez