• Serves 8



    To simplify your work use 200 g of ready-made cooked terrine of duck foie gras. Otherwise, follow this recipe


    • 600 g fresh duck foie gras
    • 9 g salt
    • 2 g pepper
    • 2 g saltpetre
    • 2 g sugar


    For the chutney


    • 20 g cider vinegar
    • 200 g diced raw apples
    • 80 g sugar
    • 100 g diced dried apricots
    • 1 soaked gelatine leaf


    For the fondant de foie gras


    • 200 g foie gras terrine
    • 10 g white port
    • 30 g cream
    • Salt and pepper


    For the quince jelly


    • 1 kg quince cut in cubes
    • 2 l water
    • 75 g sugar
    • 3 gelatine leaves
    • 1 grease-proof paper (pink paper)


    Or to simplify the work, use


    • 200 g quince jelly (retail)
    • 0.5 dl water
    • 2 gelatine leaves


    For the presentation


    • Balsamic vinegar and herbs


    Mise en place

    1. For the duck foie gras


    Let your lobe of duck foie gras drain under running water for 30 minutes. Cut the lobes apart and devein them carefully. Put them on a baking parchment. Season with the ingredients. Shape it into a terrine and put it into the refrigerator for two hours. Preheat your oven to 100 degrees and put a water bath into it. The water temperature should be close to 60 degrees. Put the foie gras lobes into this for 5 minutes. Then cool the terrine in iced water for 15 minutes. Wrap it carefully in grease-proof paper and store it in the cold for 1 day.


    2. For the chutney


    Bring the vinegar to the boil, add all ingredients and mix them well in order to obtain a 1 cm thick coating. Store in a cool place


    3. For the quince jelly


    Cut your quince into cubes, cook them at low temperature for 3 hours, strain the juice through a fine sieve and reduce it down to 2.5 dl; add sugar and the soaked gelatine.


    4.For the fondant de foie gras


    Press your foie gras through a sieve into a salad bowl, heat the cream and the white port before adding it carefully to the foie gras using a spatula. Add seasoning according to taste. Spread your foie gras between two pieces of baking parchment in order to form a 1 cm thick layer. Then put it back into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.


    5. Cut out rounds of foie gras and chutney, mount in three layers (with the chutney in the centre). Wrap the foie gras creation tightly into kitchen paper and put it in the cold for two hours. Glaze the fondant with the quince jelly and then return it to the refrigerator.


    Finishing touch : cut the fondants into triangles with a warm knife blade.




    Position the triangles at the centre of each cold plate, garnish them with herb leaves seasoned with balsamic vinegar. Serve with a piece of hot toast.


    Wine suggestion: Ermitage Prafalcon

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