• This recipe suggested by Véronique evokes the Great North and its wild and vast territories. To accompany the dish, she suggests an Ermitage Prafalcon. This wine has a beautiful concentration and its fruitiness reminds one of mushrooms, wild strawberries and even of white truffles. It suits this original, fresh and easy-made dish perfectly.


    • Warm up 3 dl dry white wine with 1 coarsely chopped onion and a tea spoon of vegetable bouillon. Once the liquid has reduced by two thirds, reduce the heat
    • Take out the onions with the help of a skimmer, keep the juice and add 1.5 dl cream
    • Let this thicken on low heat (the sauce must not boil). Be patient, this will take around 30 minutes.
    • The perfect occasion to start with the aperitif!




    • Wash and slice up green salad, lettuce or oak-leaf salad, a good handful per person
    • Prepare some slices of smoked salmon, they will graciously cover the toast
    • Prepare one scrambled egg per person
    • Toast one slice of bread per person
    • Pile one ontop of the other, the toast, the salad the sliced of salmon and the scrambled egg. Drizzle with the sauce


    For special occasions, remember to have a glass of Magnum d’Ermitage Prafalcon 2005, as a real treat!
    Older vintages also go along nicely with the taste of this dish.

Famille Rouvinez