• Having lived in China for nearly a year now, Véronique suggested to us a recipe for Chinese ravioli obtained from her neighbour. Authentic and delicious!


    There are no exact measurements, because all depends on the thickness of the dough, the size of your ravioli and the amount of filling you put into them.: If there is some filling left, prepare some more dough and vice versa.




    Mix around 4oo g flour, 1 tea spoon salt, 1 table spoon oil with some water that you add until you have a soft dough.




    Chop up the following ingredients according to your taste (into very small pieces, otherwise the ravioli are difficult to form and will not be completely cooked):


    • Chinese cabbage or other cabbage
    • Leeks
    • Garlic
    • Spring onions with their leaves
    • Spinach
    • Chives
    • Coriander (not too much, or its taste will dominate)
    • Ginger (not too much, or its taste will dominate)
    • Minced pork meat (not mandatory and not more than 10% of the filling)
    • Omelette (not mandatory)


    Let all ingredients drip-dry for a moment


    Mix, add 1 table spoon soy sauce, 1 table spoon cooking wine, some drops of sesame oil


    Forming the ravioli:


    • Roll the dough into a sausage-shaped form (around 3 cm in diameter)
    • Slice it into discs of around 5 mm
    • Dust them with flour, spread them out using a rolling pin; ensure they are oval in shape
    • Put some filling in the middle of it (not too much)
    • Fold the dough in half to close the ravioli
    • Press firmly around the edges, ensure the dough sticks together




    • 15 minutes in a steaming basket
    • If you have no steaming basket, boil water, then add the ravioli, wait until the water boils again, add a bit of cold water (ca. ½ dl) to stop the boiling. Repeat this process three times


    Serving suggestion:


    • Serve with black rice vinegar (you will find this in any Asian food store) and soy sauce
    • If cooked in water, add some bouillon to the cooking water and serve them in a soup. Season with vinegar and soy sauce.


    My children prefer spinach – garlic - omelette.


    Serve with a Dôle Blanche 2012, goes well with this Asian dish.

Famille Rouvinez