• Ingredients


    1 rack of lamb serves 2 to 3 persons

    Baste the meat with a mixture of olive oil, garlic and pepper, place rosemary sprigs all over, leave to marinate for one hour at room temperature (or overnight in the refrigerator, but take out the meat 1 hour before grilling)


    • Preheat the grill for some minutes, put the meat on the grill with the flesh side down away from direct flames, cover to preserve the heat (more than 300 degrees), turn over after around 7 minutes.
    • After 14 minutes in total*, take the meat off the grill wrap it in baking parchment, cover with some kitchen cloths and let it rest for 10 minutes
    • Slice up and serve



    Cooking time will depend on the thickness of the piece of meat and the heat of your grill. Add 2 more minutes per side to ensure the meat is well-done.


    Courgette skewers


    Meanwhile, cut a yellow and a green courgette into large pieces. Skewer them in alternating colours*


    • Grill for about 10 minutes, turning them over from time to time

    *If you prepare them beforehand, brush them with a little oil, add pepper, salt and garlic



    Select and clean big button mushrooms, remove their stems and scrape out some of their interior


    • Finely chop up the stems, garlic (one small clove per mushroom) and parsley
    • Mix with a tea spoon of butter (1 tea spoon per mushroom)
    • Add the interior scraped from the mushrooms, pepper and salt
    • Mix well and fill the heads of the mushrooms with the mixture
    • Grill for about 10 minutes


    Potatoes with dried tomatoes


    • Use already steamed potatoes (for example the leftovers of the raclette from the day before).
    • Peel these and chop them into pieces (depending on the thickness of their skin and their size) and stir-fry them in a frying pan, adding a little oil and finely chopped garlic.
    • Add strips of dried tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper.


    Enjoy preferably with a Cornalin Montibeux 2015, a pure masterpiece!

Famille Rouvinez